Processing of ground water levels

For many applications it is necessary to know the level and the fluctuation of the level of ground water. Often (long-term) measurement series of the groundwater level of the project location are missing. For long-term measurement series obtained over multiple years, amongst others the ground water archives of the TNO (Netherlands Institute of Applied Geoscience) DinoLoket (is a databank and the central point of access for Data and Information of the Dutch Subsurface and contributes to the sustainable management and use of the subsurface and its natural resources) are used. By just pressing a few keys, large amounts of data can be obtained. The manual processing and interpretation of this data can take a lot of time.

MOS Grondmechanica has developed a handy tool for the processing of these ground water data. By just pressing a few keys, you can see which level filters water levels are available compared to the NAP (Amsterdam Ordnance Datum). It is immediately visible to what level these filters are attuned, over which period measurements are available, and the number of measurements which are available. In this tool, the desired monitoring wells can be selected and automatically, including graphics, be processed in Excel. For more information, please refer to the product brochure.

Based on an analysis of existing data, it can be assessed whether and how additional information could be obtained. Subsequently, MOS Grondmechanica can also provide this information.