Pile-driving prognosis

Calculations for the prognosis are made with the internationally known GRL-WEAP computer program. For the benefit of drafting the analysis, a calculation is made of the total pile-driving resistance at the final depth. In this, matters such as soil fatigue are taken into account in accordance with the theories of Voitus-van Hamme.

The emphasis is placed on the fact that a pile-driving prognosis is not an indication of the quality of the load-bearing capacity of the foundation after installation. A higher or lower final result of the prognosis does not provide any information on the load-bearing capacity of the plies. The sole purpose of the analysis is to make a substantiated choice for the use of materials.

The analysis provides a maximum push and pull tension in the pile and an expected final result. Furthermore, based on the final result and the soil profile, an estimate is made of the total number of plunges on the pile which can be made without damage occurring to the top because of fatigue during the pile-driving process.