Cone Penetration Testing

Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) is a Dutch invention and has been used as an economic method for soil research for years. CPT provides a good overview of the soil formation and the load-bearing power of the various soil layers.

During testing you drive a cone (a cone-shaped tip) into the ground at a constant speed. The cone registers the (soil) pressure at the tip (cone resistance, qc) and the friction along the shaft (local friction, fs). MOS Grondmechanica [MOS soil mechanics) works in accordance with the ISO-9001 quality system and NEN-EN-IS0-22476-1.

In addition to the previously mentioned soil properties, it is also possible to register the following values; gradient, pore water pressure, electrical conductivity, acceleration properties and temperature. With the newest technology, it is possible to make a photo or film recording of the soil structure (camera cone/ video cone).

MOS Grondmechanica has a wide range of equipment that allows for testing in any environment or on any terrain condition, land and water. Our employees have extensive experience in conducting soil research in diverse locations; urban areas, petrochemical industry, construction pits, dry and wet, inside a building, limited space etc.

For more technical information and various special applications of CPT’s, we refer you to the product brochure >>link/ that you can download here. Naturally, you can also contact us by phone.