Vibration prognosis

Vibration prognoses for pile-driving activities or the vibration of dam walls into the ground, are drawn up in accordance the IFCO (Intensive Forced Consolidation of Grounds) method, as presented in the Geotechniek (geotechnology) trade magazine (11th volume, issuer 4, October 2007, pages 40-46).

The expected vibrations are tested against the maximum values which the SBR (Foundation Construction Research) guideline A “Damage to buildings through vibrations” finds acceptable when executing an indicative and/or extensive vibration measurement. According to the SBR-guideline A, the chance of damage is small enough (< 1 %) to be acceptable when the guideline is met. The consultative work concerns a prognosis of the vibrations in the adjacent structures and the testing of these vibrations in accordance with the SBR guideline A.

The measures which should be taken if the vibrations are not in compliance with this guideline are briefly stated in the advice document. It concerns a vibration prognosis, not an impact advice.

In locations where vibration hinder becomes too high, additional measures can be proposed to limit this inconvenience.